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Why everyone deserves the "cherry on top"!

I don’t know about you but I grew up learning from my surrounding that if you want something in life you gotta work hard for it. In order to deserve something you have to earn it first!

It took me 34 years to take notice this negative belief, which I was carrying around my whole life and which has drastically influenced many of my important decisions. Working in the field of cancer research nicely fed into this negative belief since no matter how hard you work – it’s never enough!

Unhappy, stressed and almost burned out I left cancer research three years ago and entered the world of pharma industry. Here life was more comfortable and I finally had a work-life balance. Soon enough, however, my tormenting thoughts reappeared making me unhappy with phrases in my head such as: “You don’t work hard enough”. It was during a coaching session with a very powerful young coach a couple of months ago that I first became aware of this negative belief. I told her how I want to change my life and how hard I am working for my new life to be different. She replied “So does it really have to be hard, or can it be fun too?” This made me pause and think for a moment. I didn’t really get it back then, but I do get it now.

We constantly think that we have to give in order to receive and that we have to deserve everything that we want first.

Even my Yoga journey has been affected by this dogma. I started Yoga about six years ago. At first I was just really curious and since I was training athletics in school I knew that it was in principal my type of sport. Very soon I found myself constantly challenging my Yoga praxis. If I didn’t manage to finish the class with a headstand, I would leave with a feeling of disappointment in myself. Apart from unconsciously putting myself under mental pressure headstands, however, are actually really bad for me. I have a scoliosis and headstands put too much pressure on my cervical spine. I also completely overdid it with splits and hip openers. Eventually I hurt my hip so bad that I had pain for several months. Over the years I moved away from this self-destructive way of doing Yoga and started listening more to my body rather then comparing myself to my neighbour Yogi. When I decided to become a Yoga instructor myself last year (annotation: June 2020), that’s when things finally changed inside me.

In the course of my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) I experienced YIN Yoga for the first time. It had never occurred to me that YIN Yoga could be something for me. I like to be challenged and want to use my time as efficiently as possible, I considered YIN as a a waste of time and lazily lying around. Our YTT instructor Nancy (annotation: Nancy Krüger from Happydots Yoga https://www.happydots.yoga/), however, took great care in soothing us in really long YIN Sessions and Meditations at the end of our training days. Having this time reserved for me and my body with no expectation of anything in particular to happen triggered a massive internal process. I started to integrate YIN Yoga and meditations into my daily routine. For me this special time I took for myself with doing little to nothing was adding the most precious value to my life that I could ever imagine. It totally has put the “cherry on top” of my Yoga practice and gave me the time and attention I needed to process things that happened in my life. And this is exactly how I want to teach Yoga to you. I deeply believe, since I have experienced it myself, that Yoga has so much more to offer than just physical exercise. People often ask me what‘s the difference between Yoga and other sports? In principal many sports do a lot for your mental health too. But Yoga has this extra layer, its hard to explain. It just adds something to you that many other sports can’t. It‘s a philosophy and a way of living, yet everyone can experience it differently. Yoga is how it feels to you!

Yoga was adding this little extra self-care time to my life and everything changed!

I am convinced that everyone of us deserves an amazing life without always having to try hard. A first step towards this positive affirmation is taking time for yourself. And knowing that you and everyone else need and deserve self-care time. 

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Because everyone of us deserves the "cherry on top"!

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