What Yoga means to me

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Yoga is a journey. Powerful, transforming, energizing, at the same time grounding. Yoga introduced me to my authentic self, myself, in a subtle manner. Initially, my focus was on the physical aspects: getting fitter and maintaining flexibility in my spine. Over the years I dived deeper into the matter, discovered meditation, Yin and Yoga Nidra for myself. Regular practice makes me a calmer and more balanced person. My desire is to pass my passion for Yoga and my belief in it’s beneficial effects on our health on to you. 

Here you can find a selection of what I offer!

Let's practice!

Online Yoga

Online Yoga via Zoom. Booking of group lessons via eversports.
For private (group) lessons reach out to me.

Outdoor Classes

You love fresh air and to feel the grass under your hands while practicing yoga?

Outdoor Yoga classes will be available from May 2022 on, in Graz (Austria). To stay updated visit me on Instagram


Private Lessons

Please reach out to me for private Yoga lessons which I offer either online or for your convenience also at your home. Private lessons enable a personalized Yoga experience with the main focus on your physical and mental needs and wishes.


For upcoming Workshops please check out my Instagram or Eversports page.

Workshops are planned for spring 2022.

*All lessons/retreats are available either in English or German.

Price List

Private lession 60 min / 75 min:

Virtual (Zoom): 50 Euro / 65 Euro

Life (at your home): 65 Euro / 80 Euro

Group Session 60 min / 75 min:

Virtual (Zoom): 10 Euro / 15 Euro p.P.

Life: 12 Euro / 17 Euro p.P.

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