ANZI Yoga Videos

Check out my YouTube Channel, where you will find all my Yoga Session Videos for free. 
My Yoga Videos in German and/or English.

YIN Yoga Videos

Free Youtube YIN Yoga sessions to relax body and mind. Yin Yoga helps releasing tensions by holding asanas for a long time to really work into the fasciae and connective tissues. (German only)

Special Sessions

True inner strength program

Discover your own ‘true inner strength’ with this 3-step Yoga practice. Step 1: a short story from one of my travels which made me think a lot about comfort zones and true inner strength. Step 2: YIN Yoga to soften up tensions in your hips, hamstrings and shoulders. Step 3: a guided Meditation about how to connect with your emotions in a healthy way.

Yang meets YIN (German only)

The Yoga series “YANG meets YIN”  starts to activate and energize your body with a dynamic YANG Vinyasa Flow Yoga class (Part 1). Subsequently, feel free to directly dive deeper with the 2nd part, a soothing and stretching YIN Yoga class. Both videos take only about 30 minutes so feel free to practice them individually or combine them for your full body&mind experience in just 1 hour.

Meditations & Breathwork