ANZI Yoga Videos

Check out my YouTube Channel, where you will find all my Yoga Session Videos for free. 
My Yoga Videos in German and/or English.

YIN Yoga Videos

Free Youtube YIN Yoga sessions to relax body and mind. Yin Yoga helps releasing tensions by holding asanas for a long time to really work into the fasciae and connective tissues. (German only)

Special Sessions

Dolce Vita Morning Flow

Dive deep into your morning with this 25 min beginner-advanced ‘Dolce Vita’ Vinyasa Flow Yoga class in the beautiful surrounding of Lake Garda in Italy. Experience mediterranean flair by the rhythmic chirping of the cicadas accompanying your practice. Enjoy the flow!

Video was filmed in Cervano, Garda at Agriturismo Cervano Garda.

YIN & YANG Flow- Balancing Body and Mind

Advanced Class in english

Sometimes we feel like our body and mind are not aligned. We will use energetic flows composed of grounding asanas combined with intuitive movements to balance our body and mind. Starting off with a demanding Vinyasa Ladder Flow we find mental stillness in relaxing YIN postures that aim at stretching the muscle groups which were used most in the flow.

True inner strength program

Discover your own ‘true inner strength’ with this 3-step Yoga practice. Step 1: a short story from one of my travels which made me think a lot about comfort zones and true inner strength. Step 2: YIN Yoga to soften up tensions in your hips, hamstrings and shoulders. Step 3: a guided Meditation about how to connect with your emotions in a healthy way.

Yang meets YIN (German only)

The Yoga series “YANG meets YIN”  starts to activate and energize your body with a dynamic YANG Vinyasa Flow Yoga class (Part 1). Subsequently, feel free to directly dive deeper with the 2nd part, a soothing and stretching YIN Yoga class. Both videos take only about 30 minutes so feel free to practice them individually or combine them for your full body&mind experience in just 1 hour.

Meditations & Breathwork